What You Should Know Before You Build

B4U Build

1. Develop a Realistic Budget

2. Choose a Designer/ Architect/ Draftsman

3. Acquire Building Plan Approvals

4. Choose a Builder

5. Financing/ Construction









Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does a HousePlan Cost?

2. How long will it take to draw and how lonf does the approval take?

3. How much will my building cost to construct?

4. How much will a site visit cost

5. What documents do I need to start the process?









How It Works

We sell HousePlans

Select a design from our collection that satisfies your style

and your budget, then contact us to make an appointment

to view the Floor Plans. In an attempt to protect our Work

you would only be able to view the 3D Exterior Image Online.

Custom Plans usually cost 1% the cost of construction but

when you select a Plan from  our collection you would be

entitled to a 25% discounted.


All our Architectural Designs are in digital format.

- Easy to share with local Builders
- Print unlimited number of copies
- Inch / Feet Units


Our Architectural Designs include:

1. Detailed Floor Plans
2. Detailed Exterior Elevations (front, rear, right and left)
3. Building Sections
4. Roof Plan – Details about the roof slopes, ridges, valleys
5. Site Plan and Location Plan
6. Standard Engineering

We can modify:
- all the dimensions (interior & exterior)
- roof type & pitch
- windows size & location
- foundation type
- add basement
- add garage / remove garage
- add or remove interior walls
- add or remove fireplace


Additional Approvals/ Additional Drawings:
Additional approvals may be required based on the location

of the site or the nature of the design. WilsonArts would

provide standard engineering with our design but

if additional approvals are required additional fees would apply.

1. Structural Engineering Design, Calculations and Reports
2. WASA Approvals for Sewered Sites, Multi-Family & Commercial Buildings
3. Fire Services Approvals

4. OSHA Approvals

5. Air Condition Drawings for Central Cooled Buildings

6. Electrical Drawings – Power and Lighting



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