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Wilson Arts Designs & Construction Ltd. was started in the year 2000 and 12 years later we have grown to be a premier provider of ‘design & build’ solutions in Trinidad & Tobago. Having truly brought everything under one roof (pun intended!) all our clients need to do is come to us with their idea and we’ll handle the rest from there— from houseplans to the real house. Our years of experience has provided the opportunity to build our networks with other professionals in relevant fields so our clients can be sure that every aspect of their project is handled in an expert manner by actual experts.

Apart from the technical side of business we want our clients to feel comfortable enough to entrust us with their project and by extension, themselves as many projects are long term, sometime spanning one or two full years maybe more, which means many meetings, phone calls and interactions on a regular basis till eventually we’re all on a first name basis. We value these relationships and this personal aspect is one of the cornerstones in the way we do things.

So feel free to browse our site as we’ve paid special attention to it and definitely didn’t put it up, as they say in Trini, ‘fuh so’. We want you to have all your questions answered and fears allayed as construction projects are a big deal in every sense of the word so feel free to drop us a line if you need any additional info. We look forward to hearing from you.


Living Abroad- Thinking About Coming Home?

We've gotten many emails from homesick Trinis abroad who've decided to pull up stakes again and return to sweet T&T. Living away for so long, be it US, UK, Canada or elsewhere, it can be daunting task to coordinate on the ground here with homes, properties, construction etc., when you're out of the loop with the local way.

We can ably handle all of your logistics in Trinidad or Tobago every step of the way and can get the ball rolling for you on anything that doesn't need your immediate presence. Give us a call to talk about it.

What You Should Know Before You Build

B4U Build

1. Develop a Realistic Budget

2. Choose a Designer/ Architect/ Draftsman

3. Acquire Building Plan Approvals

4. Choose a Builder

5. Financing/ Construction









Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does a HousePlan Cost?

2. How long will it take to draw and how lonf does the approval take?

3. How much will my building cost to construct?

4. How much will a site visit cost

5. What documents do I need to start the process?









How It Works

We sell HousePlans

Select a design from our collection that satisfies your style

and your budget, then contact us to make an appointment

to view the Floor Plans. In an attempt to protect our Work

you would only be able to view the 3D Exterior Image Online.

Custom Plans usually cost 1% the cost of construction but

when you select a Plan from  our collection you would be

entitled to a 25% discounted.


All our Architectural Designs are in digital format.

- Easy to share with local Builders
- Print unlimited number of copies
- Inch / Feet Units


Our Architectural Designs include:

1. Detailed Floor Plans
2. Detailed Exterior Elevations (front, rear, right and left)
3. Building Sections
4. Roof Plan – Details about the roof slopes, ridges, valleys
5. Site Plan and Location Plan
6. Standard Engineering

We can modify:
- all the dimensions (interior & exterior)
- roof type & pitch
- windows size & location
- foundation type
- add basement
- add garage / remove garage
- add or remove interior walls
- add or remove fireplace


Additional Approvals/ Additional Drawings:
Additional approvals may be required based on the location

of the site or the nature of the design. WilsonArts would

provide standard engineering with our design but

if additional approvals are required additional fees would apply.

1. Structural Engineering Design, Calculations and Reports
2. WASA Approvals for Sewered Sites, Multi-Family & Commercial Buildings
3. Fire Services Approvals

4. OSHA Approvals

5. Air Condition Drawings for Central Cooled Buildings

6. Electrical Drawings – Power and Lighting



Real Estate



Curtis Commissiong - Professional Painter


Wayne Khan                              Tel: 678-3476

Shaffick                                    Tel: 766-7688

Neshawn Smith                          Tel: 728-3956 / 396-3904

Godwin Purcell                           Tel: 777-7513 / 375-9840

David Ramlal                              Tel: 290-4878 / 308-5838

Winston Hypolite                         Tel: 303-7646 / 273-7374

Dianan Samaroo                          Tel: 760-9729 / 368-8834





Curtis Commissiong                     Tel: 748-8925





4R's Hardware                            Tel: 650-2571

Ramlagan's Hardware                   Tel: 636-4747

Sandy Ramoutar                         Tel: 729-2943




AGGREGATE SUPPLIERS - (Sand, Gravel, Backfill)

Amjad Transport                           Tel: 717-3785 / 298-8980

Moonilal Transport                        Tel: 652-3075 / 722-0674

Victor Hall Alexander                     Tel: 321-5940 / 297-3219






Envirotec                                   Tel: 636-4706 / 726-4509

ReadyMix                                   Tel: 650-2114 / 339-3859

Premix                                       Tel: 662-0205 / 741-3614

Superior Mix                               Tel: 679-6635 / 4982664





Doc (Doodnath)                          Tel: 712-0805 / 352-7537

Dennie's Plumbing and Hardware   Tel: 650-0683 / 477-1389

Maraj Plumbings                          Tel: 760-1416

Nicholas Commissiong                  Tel: 307-2477





Curtis Sookhan                           Tel: 395-2920

Niree Smith                                Tel: 779-5614

Seales Electrical                          Tel: 758-0761

Marvin Renn                               Tel: 352-0633

Sham Singh                                Tel: 729-7469

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